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Amenities and Chores
  Cooking - Female Chores, Buttermaking etc
Food & Diet - Food Rationing & Petrol Smuggling
Health - Health & Cures
  Health - Diseases Tuberculosis etc
  Health - Tuberculosis
  Health - Homebirths, Diseases etc
Marriage - Marriage and Courtship
Rural Wakes - Funerals and Wakes
  Religion - Church and Sunday School
Schools & Education - School Days
Schools & Education - School Work, Poverty etc
Schools & Education - Female School Days
Young Women - Dress Style
Young Women - Chores
Young Women - Female Mortality
  Communication - Telephones
  Townlands - Land Reg and Postmen
  Transport - Roads and Farm Supplies
  Transport - Cars and Taxis
  Transport - The M1 Motorway
  Transport - The Railroad