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Donaghmore has a long association with heritage, culture and entrepreneurship renowned for its High Cross dating back to the 8th Century and in more recent times the local Brewery, Brown’s Soap Works and St. Patrick’s Pipe Band and Burgess Estate. Historically, conventional agriculture has been the main source of employment in the area.

During the early Christian and Medieval periods the area was part of the ancient Parish of Donaghmore and through its association with the O’Neill family associated with Co. Tyrone and the Flight of the Earls and its inextricable links for many centuries. In the Churchyard a stone pillar stands to the great Hugh O’Neill, erected by one of his descendants.

From the seventh to the 12th century, crosses and High Crosses went up all over Christian Ireland and there is a superb example of this at the top of the main street in Donaghmore village. Donaghmore is where St. Patrick is said to have founded a religious establishment in the 5th Century.