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Donaghmore is a rural village located in the South Eastern region of Co. Tyrone in Northern Ireland. The village is situated adjacent to the River Torrent, formerly known as the Torrent Flow on the outskirts of the nearest town Dungannon (approximately 2 miles away), which has a population of 47,758 (2001) and in close proximity to the border County of Monaghan in the Republic of Ireland.

Donaghmore is a typical village on the island of Ireland which is undergoing transformation in line with social and economic changes at present. Since the 1950’s the community, lifestyle and industry is changing with the local trades disappearing such as Blacksmiths, Bakers, Mail Merchants, Creameries and Farmers Marts. This has been coupled with increasing trade and services locating in the village which make today’s consumer choices much more accessible. Many of these businesses have impacted on the lives of the population with new array of services such as a Post Office, Estate Agent, Off-Licence, Hairdresser, Theatre & Media Company and Childcare providers reflecting changing society.

During the 1940-1950’s the Donaghmore area was linked to the rest of Ireland by the railway network. This was to be replaced by a network of roads including the premier M1 motorway, which passes within 5 miles of the village linking Mid Ulster to the city of Belfast.